Genome-scale metabolic model of porcine cells

2024 – 2026

A genome-scale metabolic model of porcine cells will be constructed and validated to identify the most efficient way to feed porcine cells.

Production platform: Cultivated

Technology sector: Cell culture media, Computational modeling

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Project aims

The aim of this project is to develop a precise and robust proteome-constrained genome-scale metabolic model of porcine cells. This model will be refined and validated using -Omics experimental data obtained from time-course studies of the expansion and differentiation phases of pork cell lines provided by Meatable. Then, the model will enable us to understand why cell biology changes during proliferation and to design interventions that allow for longer expansion phases at faster population doublings, increasing yield and reducing process variability.

Principal researchers

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Eduardo Agosin


Sticta Biologicals, Chile

Dr. Agosin holds a Biological Engineering degree from Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and a PhD from AgroParisTech, France. He has been a faculty member at Catholic University of Chile since 1990. He has been a visiting professor at MIT, DTU, and Bordeaux, published over 130 articles, and holds 18 patents. Currently, he is fully dedicated to Sticta.

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