Antinutrient-free plant albumin


This project aims to identify affordable plant albumins for culture media. Dr. Richards and his team will characterize at least six plant albumins that support fish cell growth.

Production platform: Cultivated

Technology sector: Cell culture media

Sci23066 cm

Project aims

One of the key cost drivers in the cultivated meat industry is expensive culture media containing Fetal Calf Serum (FCS). This project aims to provide the cultivated meat industry with affordable plant albumins to serve as a major culture media supplement. Dr. Richards and his team aim to identify and characterize at least six plant albumins that effectively support fish cell growth. By doing so, this research will not only reduce production costs for cultivated meat but also facilitate the development of serum-free culture media, addressing ethical concerns associated with FCS utilization.

Principal researchers

Sci23076 2022 research grantee headshots richards

Dr. Mark Richards

Lead Specialist, Nanyang Polytechnic

Mark is a stem cell biologist by training. He is proficient in primary cell line establishment serum-free media development, and cell line characterization. Mark was responsible for developing the world’s first, “Xeno-free” embryonic stem cell line for regenerative medicine application early in his career. More recently, his interests have pivoted towards developing solutions to help overcome some of the technical and cost hurdles in the cultivated meat field.

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