Algal extracts for cell media


Dr. Minic and his team will screen algal strains to produce extracts for cell media, focusing on albumin replacements. This project will produce inexpensive algal extracts with high potency to replace albumin in fetal bovine serum, significantly lowering media cost.

Production platform: Cultivated

Technology sector: Cell culture media

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Project aims

The key challenge in cultivated meat science is identifying and developing fetal bovine serum alternatives. Dr. Minic and his team will screen various algal strains to produce algal extracts as cell media components, focusing on albumin replacement. This project aims to provide a strategy for producing inexpensive algal extracts with high potency to replace albumin, significantly lowering the cost of cell media for meat cultivation.

Principal researchers

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Dr. Simeon Minic

Senior scientific associate, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade

Dr. Minic is a protein biochemist who studies protein-ligand interactions to improve the stability and functionality of food proteins. He and his project team utilize a multidisciplinary approach, combining biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology and bioinformatics to develop algae-based cell media for cost-effective and sustainable meat cultivation.

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