Sustainable proteins from agave bagasse fermentation

2024 – 2026

This project proposes a two-stage process using agave bagasse and tortilla industry effluents to produce single-cell proteins through fermentation processes.

Production platform: Fermentation

Technology sector: Bioprocess design, Feedstocks

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Project aims

The specific objectives include (1) identifying optimal conditions and microorganisms for lignocellulolytic activity through solid-state fermentation (SSF), (2) evaluating single-cell protein (SCP) production efficiency using SSF while minimizing inhibitory compounds, (3) optimizing operational variables for SCP production through mathematical modeling and bioprocess intensification, and (4) assessing the sustainability and economic viability of the developed bioprocess and disseminating our results. This project aims to contribute to sustainable resource utilization within the agro-food industry. It has the potential to advance alternative protein production and promote circular economy practices, significantly impacting food fermentation and sustainable resource management.

Principal researchers

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Aurea Karina Ramírez Jiménez

Research Professor, Bioengineering Department
Campus Querétaro Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Dr. Aurea Ramírez is an Assistant Researcher at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. Her research focuses on developing functional food products using emerging technologies, utilizing agricultural side streams, such as agave bagasse and mango bagasse, for sustainable ingredient creation.

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