Consumer demand for plant-based dishes

Plant-based has been one of the fastest-growing trends in foodservice for the past several years. Omnivores and flexitarians have been driving sales growth, which started with plant-based burgers but has moved beyond the bun. Now, menus are rapidly expanding to include plant-based sausages, pizza toppings, chicken, ground beef, and chorizo.

Consumers appear to desire plant-based meats that replicate the sensory experience of animal alternatives. These plant-based options often have higher sales velocity than traditional veggie-centric meat alternatives.

Adding plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products to the menu has helped restaurant brands attract new consumers, increase check averages, eliminate veto votes in group dining occasions, and appeal to younger consumers. Plant-based proteins offer a platform for culinary creativity, as chefs can retrofit existing dishes, create new menu items, and work with a versatile new set of ingredients. 

Visit our resource partners at the World Resources Institute, the Cool Food Pledge, and Forward Food for additional ideas to position plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products for success in foodservice channels.

Plant-based foods in us foodservice 2019-2023


Plant-based foods in U.S. foodservice

Explore the dynamic landscape of plant-based food sales in U.S. foodservice. Uncover valuable insights and growth opportunities revealed by sales and consumer data.

Foodservice resources

A shopper compares plant-based meat products in a supermarket aisle

Alternative protein company database

Explore the landscape of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation companies including consumer brands, manufacturers, and ingredients companies.

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Promoting plant-based items on menus

Learn 20 best practices for marketing and promoting plant-based meat, egg, and dairy items on foodservice and restaurant menus.

Assorted plant-based and cow-based dairy products in a supermarket display

Marketing and promoting plant-based proteins

This quick guide offers evidence-based marketing and promotion strategies to increase plant-based sales at retail.

The cover of the 2023 state of the industry report on plant-based meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy by the good food institute

State of the Industry Report: Plant-based meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy

This report details the commercial landscape, sales, investments, innovation trends, regulatory developments, and public funding in the plant-based meat, seafood, egg, and dairy industry.

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Consumer insights

Understand consumers, demographics, adoption, motivations, category descriptors, and opportunities for future research in alternative proteins.

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The Good Food Restaurant Scorecard

The Good Food Restaurant Scorecard ranks the top 100 US restaurant brands according to the quality and quantity of their plant-based menu entrées as well as their promotion of plant-based eating. Explore the scorecards from 2017-2020 and see which restaurant brands are the plant-based innovators!

Foodservice solutions for alternative proteins

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A toolkit for B2B sales resources and training

Tailored resources in the form of events, courses, thought leadership, directories, consulting services, and training programs for alternative protein B2B sales people.

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Landscape/directory of major players in foodservice, retail, and distribution

Resources and services that make it easier to locate, filter, and prioritize sales and partnership efforts would ease transactional burdens for startups and add value to existing companies looking for…

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Dedicated broker or exchange for plant-based B2B sales

Opportunity exists for a broker, marketplace, directory, or other exchange platform to facilitate B2B sales of plant-based foods as ingredients to manufacturers of frozen and prepared foods.

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Expanding private label plant-based offerings

Brands, dedicated private labelers, and co-manufacturers can take advantage of the private labeling opportunity, and would benefit from developing a wide range of products to fit every category and access…

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