Top restaurants ranked by plant-based options

Plant-based is a win-win for consumers and companies; people and profits.
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Consumer demand for — and awareness of — plant-based foods is trending way up. And it’s not vegetarians and vegans leading the way: people across demographics and taste preferences are choosing to reduce meat consumption for a range of reasons — from health concerns and weight management to sustainability. 

Satisfying the rising demand for plant-based entrees represents a major growth area for restaurants that are looking for innovative ways to retain customers, grow profits, and build a positive brand identity. 

Today, of the 20 most commonly offered dishes in the U.S., only one is entirely plant-based (we’ve all encountered the ubiquitous veggie sandwich or wrap). This lack of options means restaurants are missing a big opportunity. 

Gfi's top 100 restaurant menu analysis

To promote a much-needed menu evolution, The Good Food Institute has released the inaugural Good Food Restaurant Scorecard, which evaluates the top 100 restaurant chains in the United States on the breadth and depth of their plant-based menu options and how they promote plant-based eating. 

You can view the complete Scorecard, along with a list of some of the best plant-based entrees on the market, at this link

Plant-based options abound! Clockwise l to r: gardein beef, lightlife crumbles, lightlife deli slices, tofurky chick'n
Plant-based options abound! Clockwise L to R: Gardein beef, Lightlife crumbles, Lightlife deli slices, Tofurky chick’n

The Good Food Institute’s Corporate Engagement Department is working with leading restaurant brands to assist them in the menuing and marketing of plant-based dishes in a way that fits with their consumer base and back-of-house systems to maximize success. 

For support, insights, and more details check out the documents below! And reach out to our team if you’d like to explore new options for your restaurant.  

The Business Case for Plant-Based Foods

The Consumer Shift to Plant-Based Foods

Creating Plant-Based Entrees 

Marketing Plant-Based Foods 

To learn more about GFI’s work to create a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply, read up on our work here


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