JUST Egg comes to Kroger and Tim Hortons

JUST Egg, a plant-based egg developed by the San Francisco-based food manufacturer JUST, is already being enjoyed at select Tim Hortons locations throughout Canada and will now hit 2,100 Kroger stores throughout the United States.
Just breakfast biscuit

Kroger to sell JUST egg nationwide

JUST Egg, a plant-based egg developed by the San Francisco-based food manufacturer JUST, will hit 2,100 Kroger stores throughout the United States in a matter of weeks.

JUST Egg is formulated to look, cook, and taste just like other liquid egg products. JUST uses proprietary technology to identify which plant proteins offer the same functionalities as animal proteins in order to make products like mayo, salad dressing, and cookie dough. They discovered that protein from mung beans, little green legumes popular in Asian cuisine, could scramble as well as chicken eggs, allowing for fluffy and filling dishes but without any of the cholesterol and with a far smaller environmental impact.

“We believe a just food system starts with breakfast, and our partnership with the Kroger family of stores, the largest grocery store chain in the United States, makes JUST Egg accessible to countless consumers in communities around the country,” said Josh Tetrick, the startup’s co-founder and CEO, in a press release.

Kroger currently stocks JUST Egg at its Harris Teeter and Roundy’s outlets. The item will soon join the egg section at Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, QFC, Fry’s, and other Kroger chains.

“This milestone is a major step toward building a smarter, healthier and more sustainable way of eating,” Tetrick said.

America is hungry for plant-based eggs

JUST egg has already captured 40 percent of liquid egg sales in “natural” grocery stores, a market share only poised to expand as the plant-based egg cracks into major mainstream retailers. As a category, plant-based egg sales in the U.S. reached $6.5 million as of April 2019, according to GFI’s most recent data from SPINS. This constitutes more than a 100 percent increase over the last two years. If this rapid upward trend continues as more food tech companies, supermarkets, and eateries provide more plant-based choices, exciting times could be right ahead for animal-free eggs. Canada is getting on board as well! 

Tim Hortons’ introduces JUST egg sandwich

Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest fast-food restaurant chain and answer to Starbucks, started testing out a JUST Egg omelet sandwich on its menu just a few weeks ago, becoming the industry pioneer in chickenless eggs.

Just plant-based egg on a biscuit
Source: JUST

“The consumer demand for 100 percent plant-based proteins is strong and continues to grow,” said Andrew Noyes, head of global communications at JUST. “Canada is one of the most requested markets for JUST, and we’re excited to be able to offer our product at select Tim Hortons locations for this market test.”


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