Marika azoff

Marika Azoff


Marika leads GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative work with startups, investors, conventional seafood companies and other key players in order to increase investment in and production and sale of alternative seafood products.

Areas of expertise: conservation, marine ecosystems, nonprofits, strategic partnerships.

Marika supports GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative through building relationships with the private sector to increase investment in, production and sale of alternative seafood products. She has spent over a decade studying and working in animal protection in many different capacities. Prior to joining GFI, Marika worked at the ASPCA’s Community Engagement Program in New York City, where she cultivated strategic partnerships with local nonprofits, law enforcement, and government agencies. Marika earned her BA in Animal Conservation from the University of Rochester with a minor in Studio Art. Her passion for marine conservation was ignited while studying abroad in Tanzania where she conducted research on local fisheries and became scuba certified.