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A dish featuring cultivated chicken, pasta, and asparagus.  photo courtesy of good meat.

Cultivated meat industry summary

Our fact sheet provides a mid-year update on the current cultivated meat commercial landscape, investments, technical progress, and policy updates.

Farmer in a wheat field

Farm Bill: Centers of Excellence for Alternative Protein Innovation

The 2023 Farm Bill should recognize and fund at least three Centers of Excellence that focus on alternative proteins.

Two farmers working in a chickpea field

Farm Bill: Alternative protein R&D within AFRI

Including alternative proteins as a research area within AFRI would ensure funding eligibility and fuel breakthroughs that lead to economic benefits.

A photo showing cultivated meat tacos

New research supports the term “cultivated meat”

New research conducted in December 2022 validates the use of “cultivated meat” over “cell-cultured meat” and other terms. Learn more in our fact sheet.