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The deepest dive yet on alt proteins

This September, GFI will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and corporate leaders from around the world with the express intent of accelerating change, eliminating obstacles, and scaling solutions for mainstreaming alternative proteins across our global food system.

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The stakes are high

As each day passes, we inch closer to 2050—the year by which humanity must achieve net-zero emissions. As the world strives to stem and reverse the expansion of agricultural lands and commercial fisheries in order to meet climate goals and restore ecologically viable lands and waters, alt proteins increasingly represent a practical, possible solution that is within our global grasp.  

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Charting the roadmap

Building on key insights on the state of alt proteins today, the three-day gathering will focus on the path ahead:

  • What scientific, tech, and commercial innovations will be required to transform how food is made?
  • What does the policy landscape need to look like?
  • What does the market need to look like? Consumer behavior?
  • What does an alt protein economy look like in terms of infrastructure, investments, jobs, and labor transitions?
  • What sister strategies—from clean energy and carbon markets to biodiversity and ecological restoration—need to accelerate in order for workers, communities, and the entire food system to experience a sustainable, secure, and just transition?

What to expect

Accessible + personal

Convening online will enable a greater diversity of attendees, from students and early career professionals to global researchers and multinational corporate leaders, to participate and contribute to a brighter food future together. While virtual, GFC 2021 has been designed for interactivity, networking, and cross-sector connections. 

In-depth + intense

GFC 2021 is not Alt Proteins 101. This year’s curated sessions dig deep into alt protein science, technology, policy, and market opportunities, while also examining the intersection of alt proteins and climate, biodiversity, and global health. Bring your A-game brain to all of it. 

Practical + focused

Rising tides lift all boats. Real-world data and analyses from GFI and other organizations will be shared for the benefit of all. Discussions will focus on specific bottlenecks, pilot programs, and novel approaches to current and future challenges across the alt protein field. 

Global + urgent

GFI’s team of global affiliates will provide attendees with on-the-ground, real-world insights, ideas, and innovations happening in alt protein hotspots around the world. Conference attendees will gain an international perspective on what’s at stake and what’s possible on a hot-and-getting hotter crowded planet.

Registration and schedule

Attendees, click below to access our event website. Registration is currently closed. We’re excited to see you September 22nd – 24th next week!



Early bird registration ends August 30th



Conference registration ends September 17th

Day-by-day session preview

A full line-up of speakers, sponsors, and expo booth partners will be added to our event site September 8th.

Wednesday, September 22nd

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

10:30-11AM | Virtual doors open

11-11:45AM | Welcome to GFC 2021! Charting the global roadmap for alt proteins

  • 12-12:50PM | What consumers can teach us about the future of alt proteins
  • 12-12:50PM | Collaborative research ecosystem models
  • 1-1:50PM | Bringing down costs and increasing access
  • 1-1:50PM | Growing the talent pipeline for our future food system

2-2:30PM | Open networking and expo hall

  • 2:30-3:20PM | Policy directions from the TEA/LCA analyses
  • 2:30-3:20PM | Climate, land use, and biodiversity

3:30-4PM | Day 1: Takeaways

Thursday, September 23rd

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

“Follow the sun” global field trips—convened by GFI’s global network of affiliates

5-7AM | Asian innovation hubs—panel and networking

7-9AM | Emerging Asian markets—panel and networking

9-10AM | China-US mixer

9-11AM | Israel as a rising hub for alt protein opportunities—panel and networking

11AM-1PM | Ask the experts: making cultivated meat successful in Europe—panel and networking 

1-3PM | Brazil: The next global leader in alt proteins?—panel and networking 

U.S.-convened sessions

10-10:30AM | Day 2: On-ramps to innovation

10:30-11:20AM | A future where alt proteins are no longer alternative

  • 11:30AM-1PM | Tech track: Production equipment innovation
  • 11:30AM-1PM | Tech track: Advances in media for cultivated meat production
  • 11:30AM-1PM | The role of alternative proteins in ESG investing and CSR
  • 1:30-3PM | Tech track: Precision fermentation for molecular synthesis
  • 1:30-3PM | Tech track: Ingredient processing innovation for PBM
  • 1:30-2:15PM | Investor roundtable
  • 2:15-3PM | Startup roundtable 

3-3:30PM | Open networking and expo hall

  • 3:30-5PM | Pitch slam
  • 3:30-4:20PM | Addressing key white spaces: GFI Research Grant Program
  • 4:30-5:20PM | How students will lead the alternative protein revolution

5:30-6PM | Day 2: Takeaways

Friday, September 24th

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

11-11:45AM | Day 3: Keeping our eyes on the road

  • 12-12:50PM | Cultivated meat path to market
  • 12-12:50PM | Advancing solutions to key challenges: Infrastructure
  • 1-1:50PM | Advancing solutions to key challenges: Sensory
  • 1-1:50PM | Alternative seafood as an ocean policy priority

2-2:30PM | Open networking and expo hall

  • 2:30-3:20PM | Label censorship
  • 2:30-3:20PM | Contract manufacturing: Constraints and opportunities

3:30-4PM | That’s a wrap! What’s ahead

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