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Alt proteins can transform our food system–tracking research grants can keep us on target

Research can propel alternative protein innovation and accelerate the shift to a more sustainable food system. Mapping the funding landscape can reveal critical opportunities to bolster innovation.

The world's first cultivated meat proof of concept was developed and unveiled by professor mark post in 2013.

Cultivated meat was once a vision. Now it’s becoming a reality

As cultivated meat gains momentum, we’re shining a light on some of the pioneers and milestones that have helped the industry transform from a sci-fi hypothesis to a blooming innovative…

Nanyang technological university

APAC’s first alternative protein university course is coming to Singapore

Nanyang Technological University has approved a new undergraduate alternative protein course designed to build the industry’s talent pipeline.

Biomas project baru plant species

GFI is funding research to develop alt protein ingredients from Brazilian plant species

GFI Brazil’s Biomas Project will allocate up to R$135,000 to each research project that transforms native Amazon and Cerrado plant species, such as babaçu and macaúba, into raw materials for…