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Cultivating seafood that recapitulates the taste and texture of conventional seafood requires leveraging multiple techniques. In this seminar, Dr. Frederico Ferreira of Técnico Lisboa will explain his GFI-funded research that combines bioprinting, electrospinning, and electrical stimuli to produce whole-cut cultivated fish fillets.

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3D bioprinting has the potential to produce structured cultivated meat products of complex biomimetic designs shaping, in a balancing manner, muscle and fat-rich regions at a scale of tenths of millimetre. On the other hand, electrospun fibers can be produced, with diameters at the nanoscale, able to mimic collagen geometries typical of fish myoseptum. Electroconductive fibers have been previously used to support electrical stimulation during maturation of several tissues, including muscle. Different approaches for manufacturing 3D multi-material fish fillet exploring bioprinting and electrospun scaffolds will be presented. Novel formulations of muscle and fat edible bioinks, compatible with fish myoblasts and adipocytes, were developed using a macroalgae’s polysaccharide and natural conductive conjugated molecules. Zein proteins were used to produce polymeric fibers. Different cross-linking strategies will be presented. Edible conductive molecules can be introduced as dopants into the muscle bioinks formulations and electrospun fibers to increase electroconductivity and support electrical stimulation during muscle maturation. Microalgae containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, as omega-3, can be introduced into the fat bioinks. All bioinks and fibers were characterized for their biocompatibility as well as structural and mechanic properties. Several 3D designs of fish products were conceptualized and prototyped produced to demonstrate the wide range potential of the approaches considered. Finally, strategies for fish cell culture will be discussed. 

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Join this networking event to discuss the latest scientific developments in cultivated seafood. During the networking session, you will be matched with five other attendees and have eight minutes to chat with each one. You will also have the opportunity to choose other attendees to connect with, either individually or based on mutual interests. You can talk about your research, any challenges you’re facing in your work, or your reflections on the webinar and we encourage you to continue your conversations after the event by exchanging contact information.

Meet the speaker

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Frederico Ferreira, MBA, PhD


Frederico Ferreira has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London (2004). He also holds a B.Sc. (1999) in Applied Chemistry with specialization in Biotechnology and an MBA (2008), both from NOVA University. Currently, Frederico is a Professor at Técnico Lisboa, where his research and teaching are committed to fostering innovation and sustainability. Dr. Frederico has expertise in developing new biomaterials for stem cell cultivation and differentiation, electrospun fiber production, design of electroconductive scaffolds, and stem cell cultivation under electrical stimuli. Currently, his research group is developing novel edible bioinks and fibers made from algae-driven materials to bioprint engineered fish tissue.

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