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From marshes to meat: Reflections from a career in conservation

In recognition of the U.N.’s International Day of Biological Diversity, a GFI staffer shares her path to this moment and the people and places that have shaped her along the…

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Agriculture is at a climate crossroads. Alternative proteins are a global solution.

Learn how GFI is advocating for the inclusion of alternative proteins as a climate solution in federal policy and bringing increased visibility to what governments around the world are doing…

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Vanessa Haley-Benjamin is laying the groundwork for cultivated mollusks

A conversation about alternative seafood, ocean conservation, and the importance of inclusion in building up the alt protein industry.

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Three takeaways from a record-setting year for alternative proteins

2021 was the most active year to date for alternative protein company and brand launches, private investments, and retail sales, signaling a climate-forward shift from business-as-usual.