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Earth globe on a ledge of greenery in a forest

Alternative proteins offer climate opportunities and mitigate business risk

As the IPCC puts the finishing touches on part two of its Sixth Assessment Report, which assesses the impacts of climate change on our planet and will be completed in…

Cultivated chicken meat

Cultivated meat: A growing nomenclature consensus

GFI Founder and CEO Bruce Friedrich explores the increased sector alignment around the preferred category name for meat produced through cellular agriculture.

Competitive research grant

GFI awards $5 million to boost research into alternative proteins — a powerful and scalable climate solution

GFI’s Competitive Research Grant program provides catalytic seed funding to accelerate alternative protein R&D and unlock the climate benefits on offer. But serious public investment is critical to achieving a…

Good food conference 2021 founding sponsors

Meet our GFC 2021 Founding Sponsors!

This year’s Good Food Conference Founding Sponsors include an eclectic group of companies invested in the growth of alternative proteins. Read on to learn more about their work and predictions…