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Alt proteins are the key to solving our planet's most pressing challenges; biodiversity, climate change, global health, and food security.

Let’s solve it together: The X-factor impact of alt proteins on the biggest challenges of our time

Inspiring organizations and individuals around the world are reducing emissions, saving lands and waters, protecting public health, and increasing food security. Yet threats still mount. Alt proteins are essential for…

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The top 7 alternative protein trends fueling optimism in 2023

The alternative protein industry today shows signs of resilience despite challenges across the macroeconomic landscape, geopolitical dynamics, and talent, funding, and infrastructure constraints. GFI experts predict the industry trends that…

Top 22 of 2022 illustrated graphic

Our top 22 of 2022

GFI’s community of supporters sparked unprecedented innovation and growth for the alternative protein ecosystem in 2022—check out our highlights from the past year.

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Why did the cultivated chicken cross the road? Because it had the green light

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the go-ahead to a cultivated meat product for the first time, prompting questions about this novel production method and the future of meat.…