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The UNSW Alt Protein Project

University of New South Wales
17 High Street University Terraces
Kensington, New South Wales 2033

Founded 2023 / Status: Active


At the UNSW Alt Protein Project, we believe that alternative proteins play a pivotal role in creating a better food system for the planet, people, and animals. With strong agriculture and biotechnology industries, Australia is primed to excel in the alternative protein space. Utilising this unique position along with strong research areas in food science (including established research areas in both cellular agriculture and plant-based meat), regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and plant biology at UNSW, our goal is to become a hub for alternative protein research in the APAC region.

We already have research projects in cellular agriculture led by Professor Johannes le Coutre, and within this is a Vertically Integrated Project, which allows students to learn and expand on the alternative protein space through which the APP group aims to stimulate open-access research in the field. This also lays a foundation through which the group can build alternative protein courses and majors, and encourage other industry leading academics at UNSW to establish research areas in alternative proteins. Furthermore, UNSW’s world-class laboratory facilities in the science and engineering faculties empower students to experiment with new ideas.