The University of Nigeria Alt Protein Project

University of Nigeria
Nsukka-Onitsha Rd
Nsukka, Enugu State 410001

Founded 2022 / Status: Active


The University of Nigeria Alt Protein Project seeks to promote and build the concept of a healthy, sustainable and just food system by mobilizing the next generation of scientists at the University of Nigeria and the country at large for alternative protein research and innovation. The University of Nigeria is the first indigenous university in Nigeria and also the first land grant university in Africa, with its system modeled upon the American educational system. The university is one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria and with hundreds of research groups and brilliant minds in the school and it is well poised to undertake alternative protein research.

With the Alt Protein Project, we hope to promote a transition into more sustainable food systems in order to feed a growing population and reduce the impacts of climate change and the overdependence on animals for food.