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The Delhi Smart Protein Project

University of Delhi & Ashoka University

Founded 2022 / Status: Active


The Delhi Smart Protein Project is a city-level student community with representation from universities across Delhi, including the University of Delhi (DU) and Ashoka University. Our community also engages with institutes of prominence in and around Delhi such as the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT) and the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM). Situated in India’s capital, we have access to key resources and talent required for the smart protein sector. Our close proximity to institutes relevant to the space, such as the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, IIT and National Law University, is exactly why we believe Delhi is the next smart protein hub.

Consisting of 77 Colleges and 132,435 students, the University of Delhi (DU) is a hotspot of innovation and idea-sharing with a vibrant and driven student community. The university consists of  80+ departments ranging from the natural sciences and business to social sciences and law, making the university extremely interdisciplinary. As professors from our university are also advisors to the government, implementing the research at the national level is a possibility.

Ashoka University is one of the leading universities in liberal arts in India, and also has a strong multidisciplinary approach to research. The InfoEdge Centre for Entrepreneurship allows students to explore innovative ideas and supports young entrepreneurs.

Spotlight on research: Explore their poster presentation from the 2023 Good Food Conference